Delivering Agile 101 Training at Curtin University

Friends reached out for some training for a few people in their teams at Curtin University, they were initially looking at about maybe six people. Fast forward a month and we had delivered three runs of our “Agile 101 with a Focus on Scrum” course for just short of 60 people across Technology, Marketing and People & Culture. Wow, what fun we had!!

It was fantastic to be with the folk at Curtin, there was so much energy in the group, people were engaged and really creative in the iterative development of their team concept maps as we progressed through the training.

We covered a lot of ground in each of the two day training runs, using Scrum practices to deliver the training. Each topic integrated different learning activities to support grasping the concepts and helping each other to learn.

We start with the “Why?” and covered the Agile mindset leading into methods and practices. There’s a strong focus on Scrum for those wanting to take their PSM-1 certification. We also cover Kanban which resonated well with many of our learners.

Check out how people felt about their learning experiences at the end of the training.

Here are some testimonials received from people that attended the training.


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