About Us

Will Webster – PSM I, Certified LeSS Practitioner, MCSD (Azure, Web Services, JS)
Perth, Western Australia



Techie, people person, collaborator and agilist. 

He has been doing Scaling and DevOps well before they where a thing. Highly passionate about tech, innovation and building awesome teams.

For over a decade Will has been working with Agile teams and has experience at enabling modern software development practises, Scaling Scrum and Agile. Will is a certified Scrum Master, Scaled Scrum (LeSS Nexus) and Kanban practitioner.

Will has lead and coached with teams to embed Test Automation, Build Pipelines (CICD), and XP practices (TDD, Refactoring, Paired and Mob programming)

Super passionate about customer collaboration, early feedback, user experience testing and simplicity.