Agile Training

Below are the ready-to-go courses we currently have on offer. We can also customise training specifically to meet your needs. Group packages for in-house training are also possible. If you want to explore these options feel free to get in touch.

Agile Essentials

Course Description

This course will help you level up in your use of Agile and goes beyond your typical Scrum certification course. The course is an action packed interactive learning experience.

There are lots or real world examples and hands on techniques to share. We cover all the core areas including; the Agile mindset (doing agile vs being), Scrum, communication, Kanban, user stories, user story mapping, inceptions (kick starting new work) and lots more.

This training will give you a grounding in the theory and practices, applied with an agile mindset, that will help improve the way you work and deliver better outcomes.

This course has been developed for both business and technical teams, and covers the values, principles and processes underpinning Agile with a focus on the Scrum framework.

Product Ownership

Course Description

This course focuses on the core disciplines within product development and the techniques required to fulfil the Product Ownership role effectively.

The course covers approaches for ideation, prioritisation, stakeholder management, and release planning and lots more.

This course is suitable for Product Owners (PO), Product Managers and Scrum Masters who want to learn techniques to better support PO’s and team members interested in product development.

Agile Leadership

Course Description

This course looks at the role leadership has to play in building resilient agile organisations.

The course covers the background in the shift to agile and modern ways of working and will give you a clearer understanding on how management practices need to shift from approaches that might have worked in the past.

This includes, how to empower your teams, create learning organisations and safe places for experimentation and collaboration.

There are hands on exercises to experience agile and leadership practices to support your learning of practices that will help organisations develop resilience, be adaptive and solve complex problems together.

This course is suitable for leaders of all levels, from C suite to aspiring leaders and people managers.

Method Used

We learn through different styles including visually, audibly and kinesthetic (moving), our course embraces that throughout. We frequently shift between movement, speaking, drawing, listening and writing to help maximise your learning experience.

All the above courses are run over 2 days, with lots covered. We run our courses in pairs, so you have two coaches guiding you through the content and interactive learning experiences.

Here are some testimonials received from people that have attended the training and a blog on a series of course runs delivered at Curtin University. Please get in touch if you want to run a course internally or find out when our next public course is scheduled.