Facilitation is a core skill for an Agile Coach / Scrum Master. We have facilitated hundreds of workshops over many years, from Inceptions that kick off new work with large groups to Sprint Retrospectives for small agile teams.

Facilitators provide the structure and process that help people engage and accomplish their task or goal. We stay neutral on content, drawing that from the participants.

Our experienced facilitators are available to plan and run productive sessions.

  • By using Agility Systems you will get:
    • Clear Structure – well thought through agendas and exercises
    • Good time management – Time boxing to keep us on track or make adjustments as required (letting valuable conversations continue)
    • Inclusive and diverse– Techniques to ensure everyone has a voice
    • Collective outcomes – Using the wider group to explore new ideas and work together to find new possibilities

We have experienced in ORSC (Organisational and Relational System Coaching), Liberating Structures and other facilitation techniques.

We create the right environment, ensuring all voices are heard, the energy and momentum is maintained and help the group in reaching consensus and making decisions. If you need help to facilitate an upcoming workshop or Agile event please reach out.