Getting the most from retrospectives can be tricky. Our experienced facilitators and coaches can help you get the most from your retrospectives and create the right space for continuous improvement.

Types of Retros

  • Teams – helping teams refresh their retro format
  • Retros at Scale – process to support multiple teams
  • Leadership – making adjustments to support improved performance
  • Health checks – repeatable retros and focus on key success factors
  • Wraps Ups – end of project and quarterly reviews

Properties of our retros

We take care in planning each retrospective and drawing on our extensive toolbox to ensure we cover the following important aspects of a good retro;

  • Getting people engaged early – so they feel comfortable contributing
  • Making time and space – providing opportunities for self reflection and collaboration
  • Providing a safe place – for open and honest discussions
  • Actionable – resulting in prioritised and action able items