Testimonials for Agile 101 with a focus on Scrum Training

Thanks to Steve for a great introduction to Agile. The pace was fast and we covered a lot of territory in a short time, but Steve was able to make the Agile concepts easy to relate to and understand.

The way the groups in the session formed and collaborated to create a shared understanding of what Agile meant to us all was fantastic. Each group’s perspective added to our overall understanding of the learning material – Steve was there as a guide when we needed him, but also able to let the groups get on with what they needed to do.

The learning material was great; I found the Agile Leadership section particularly useful. I got a sense of what I could do to support Agile teams, in the context of Scrum and Kanban (and their different flavours).

The lessons have stayed with me long after the course was completed and I find myself drawn to ‘the Agile way’ as a conceptual model and a very practical way to build team performance and harness innovation.


Lynton Beaumont-Bilsby
Associate Director – Digital Student Engagement

Student Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed the Agile training course. The two days were packed full of information and the teaching methods were visual and interactive. Steve is an excellent facilitator and encouraged the group to ask questions and discuss their learnings throughout the sessions. I am really looking forward to implementing Agile methods in our team workflow.

Kind Regards

Allannah Davin
Office of the Chief Student Services Officer

Thank you for enabling Curtin with this training. I hope the group doing it this week also gets a whole lot out of it like I and the members of the group I was in did.  Steve was an amazing trainer and the reinforcement of the training was done so well.

CITS Curtin University